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What to Know About Garage Doors

Believe it or not, garage doors are an essential part of our homes. They keep our cars, bikes and lawn equipment safe from weather conditions, so we can use them year round. Garage doors come in many different sizes, styles and tastes. If you have a garage door that is falling apart or not too appealing to the eye, it may be time to replace it. Your ultimate goal is to find a garage door easy to operate, fits your home and will last for years to come. Garage doors can provide a high amount of safety and security whether you realize it or not. When its pouring down rain, no one wants to get out of their car in an empty driveway and run into the house. Getting a new garage door installed on your property can bring about a new look and refresh your home. Garage doors give a home what is called instant curb appeal. Here are a few things you should know about garage doors:

What’s New?

In today’s world garage doors have a broader selection and come with more durable materials directly from the manufacturer. Advanced technology has made them high-tech and equipped to take on insulation and save energy. Maybe might have glazed over interior services, specific decorations or more. Many non-wood doors often give off a very realistic wood surface look. It’s very hard to tell between the two and whether or not if it’s actual real wood. Regarding style, carriage-house garage doors are highly popular with an alluring classic appearance. If you’re going for the sleek or contemporary look, aluminum frame doors with opaque glass panels seem to be the ones most desire.


It all depends on the factors when you’re trying to break down the typical cost for a garage door. With so many ranges of styles and quantities of garage doors on the market, prices are bouncing around everywhere. You might find the low-end wood door for nearly $400 that you can put in all by yourself. However, if your budget calls for it, you might find yourself installing a door costing $9,000 for high-end installation. It should be noted the last average cost a garage door that’s considered mid-range with the measurement of 16 x 7 ft is between $800 to $1,500. If you decide to go the upscale route, you can count on costs moving up to $2,700. You can find garage door opener repair saint louis mo or in nearby areas.

Where to Buy?

Clearly, this is up to you and where you’re located. It’s best to take the time and do the research and find out what major home improvement centers are in your location. You may find yourself traveling a little bit farther to get the quality you want. Your best move is to visit the company’s website and look at the different types of garage doors they have to offer. This gives you a snapshot of the different styles the company has available and the manufacturers they use.…